My Goal: To inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

My name is Jenn, I’m 27 years old, I am a wife to the most amazing husband, a step mother to two of my favorite kids ever, and I’m on an incredible journey!

As long as I can remember I’ve all ways been pleasantly plump, but it never really bothered me, I was beautiful and that was all that mattered.

A little over five years ago, my aunt sent me a Target gift card for Christmas so I bought myself a scale… I had no idea the impact it would have on my life.

I stepped on my new scale and it read 272.4 pounds.

In light of this news, I decided to start working out. My first trip to our apartment’s workout room resulted in me literally passing out. I decided then that I wanted to know as much as possible about my body and what it was going to take to get myself healthy.

272.4 (vs) 32lbs Down

I have come a long way, but still have so much more to accomplish! In the mean time I have found a passion for wellness and a desire to teach others what I have learned. This blog is to share what I know and what I find along the way… to discover a balance of wellness in all areas of life.


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